How To Find An Online Business Mentor ?>

How To Find An Online Business Mentor

Hi it’s Harold here,

Today I’m talking to online business entreporeneur, Derek Armson about the trials and tribualtions of starting an online business.

Derek is a good friend of mine so I do actually know his story. It’s an interesting one for sure. He won’t mind me saying this, and if it helps you, then it has to be good. So, here’s the background.

Derek left the IT recruitment industry in 2008, totally burnt out. He got a decent redundancy payment so he had six months off to “re-charge” the batteries. When he came back he decided he wanted a residual income business model. Having attempted online marketing back in 2001, he decided things had moved on enough to allow him to build a profitable business.

In his own words…

“I was used to being the big shot in recruitment. People did what I told them, and I was used to isntant success”, he says, “however, online marketing was diffierent. I assumed it would be the same, learn a few techniques, put them to work and I’d sit back and watch the residual income pour in”, he sits back, takes a sip of coffee and smiles ruefully.

“How wrong could I be?”, he actually laughs this time.

“In recruitment it was easy, there was always a mentor available. Someone more senior who had been there and done it. I was also a highly trained sales person, so as soon as I understood the markets and applied my sales skills, I was successful”.

A New Experience

“Online marketing was a whole new experience. There are so many facets to building an online business that it’s difficult to know where to start. It’s also easy to get seduced by all the shiney objects promising the earth but delivery very little. If you think about it, is some really going to give away the goose that lasy the golden egg for $47? I don’t think so”.

It’s a fair point, there are so many charlatans in the “Internet Marketing” “industry” all selling the “push button” solution.

“It took me years to work it out. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t earning thousands of dollars. What I hadn’t realised was that digital marketing is still a proper business. You need to aply proper business disciplines. You need to learn the techniques and the skills you need to actually make money online”.

“And, you need to apply discipline to that learning and implementation”.

So, what happened?

Quality Decision

“Well, my wife was screaming at me to get a job and earn some money. I’d burnt nearly all of our savings and wasn’t earning anything. She was supporting us. Clearly that’s not fair!”

“So, I made a quality decision. I’d run out of money pretty much so I knew I had to trade time for money. I knew I needed traffic and the only way to do that with little money is SEO. So, I found a Online business mentor and learned SEO from the ground up”.

“Would you believe it, once I knew how to get webpages ranked and applied that knowledge, I started to see results. To cut a olong story short I quickly built a five figure per month SEO business”.

But you were about to hit some serious shit weren’t you?

Just When…

“Indeed, my wife and I were running the business. We were living the digital nomad lifestyle, mainly from our cliff top apartment in Spain. One evening we came home, she collapsed and never regained consciousness”.

“I was in disarray, so I closed pretty much the entire business down. Couldn’t face it. Kept a few of my favourite customers and sacked the rest”.

“Two years later I knew I had to increase my income, so I looked around for Online Marketing Courses and Mentors that I could follow in order to build that elusive residual income. The process I went through is detailed in a post I wrote on my website about finding my Online Marketing Mentor”.

“I went trhough an extensive process and I recommend you read my in-depth article if you want to build a successful Internet Marketing Business. I applied the maxim find someone who has done what I want to do and copy him”.

And, of course, that does tend to work.

“Indeed it does”

Here’s what some of the course members on the Paul O’Mahony Online Business Mastery program have to say. This is the program Derek took.


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