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How To Find An Online Business Mentor ?>

How To Find An Online Business Mentor

Hi it’s Harold here,

Today I’m talking to online business entreporeneur, Derek Armson about the trials and tribualtions of starting an online business.

Derek is a good friend of mine so I do actually know his story. It’s an interesting one for sure. He won’t mind me saying this, and if it helps you, then it has to be good. So, here’s the background.

Derek left the IT recruitment industry in 2008, totally burnt out. He got a decent redundancy payment so he had six months off to “re-charge” the batteries. When he came back he decided he wanted a residual income business model. Having attempted online marketing back in 2001, he decided things had moved on enough to allow him to build a profitable business.

In his own words…

“I was used to being the big shot in recruitment. People did what I told them, and I was used to isntant success”, he says, “however, online marketing was diffierent. I assumed it would be the same, learn a few techniques, put them to work and I’d sit back and watch the residual income pour in”, he sits back, takes a sip of coffee and smiles ruefully.

“How wrong could I be?”, he actually laughs this time.

“In recruitment it was easy, there was always a mentor available. Someone more senior who had been there and done it. I was also a highly trained sales person, so as soon as I understood the markets and applied my sales skills, I was successful”.

A New Experience

“Online marketing was a whole new experience. There are so many facets to building an online business that it’s difficult to know where to start. It’s also easy to get seduced by all the shiney objects promising the earth but delivery very little. If you think about it, is some really going to give away the goose that lasy the golden egg for $47? I don’t think so”.

It’s a fair point, there are so many charlatans in the “Internet Marketing” “industry” all selling the “push button” solution.

“It took me years to work it out. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t earning thousands of dollars. What I hadn’t realised was that digital marketing is still a proper business. You need to aply proper business disciplines. You need to learn the techniques and the skills you need to actually make money online”.

“And, you need to apply discipline to that learning and implementation”.

So, what happened?

Quality Decision

“Well, my wife was screaming at me to get a job and earn some money. I’d burnt nearly all of our savings and wasn’t earning anything. She was supporting us. Clearly that’s not fair!”

“So, I made a quality decision. I’d run out of money pretty much so I knew I had to trade time for money. I knew I needed traffic and the only way to do that with little money is SEO. So, I found a Online business mentor and learned SEO from the ground up”.

“Would you believe it, once I knew how to get webpages ranked and applied that knowledge, I started to see results. To cut a olong story short I quickly built a five figure per month SEO business”.

But you were about to hit some serious shit weren’t you?

Just When…

“Indeed, my wife and I were running the business. We were living the digital nomad lifestyle, mainly from our cliff top apartment in Spain. One evening we came home, she collapsed and never regained consciousness”.

“I was in disarray, so I closed pretty much the entire business down. Couldn’t face it. Kept a few of my favourite customers and sacked the rest”.

“Two years later I knew I had to increase my income, so I looked around for Online Marketing Courses and Mentors that I could follow in order to build that elusive residual income. The process I went through is detailed in a post I wrote on my website about finding my Online Marketing Mentor”.

“I went trhough an extensive process and I recommend you read my in-depth article if you want to build a successful Internet Marketing Business. I applied the maxim find someone who has done what I want to do and copy him”.

And, of course, that does tend to work.

“Indeed it does”

Here’s what some of the course members on the Paul O’Mahony Online Business Mastery program have to say. This is the program Derek took.


Why Would You Have Window Tints ?>

Why Would You Have Window Tints

Hi Harold here,

Do you know what?

Until I met with Martin Schlatter at Tintmaster, I’d never ever thought about window tinting. I mean, why would I have any glass tinted?

Lots Of Reasons

However, I found out there are many and varied reasons why you might want to have some carried out!

“I guess, when it comes to car window tinting, it does tend to be vanity in a lot of cases”, he smiles, “but, having your car windows tinted can offer added privacy and also helps to reduce glare if you have a top tint put on your windscreen”.

O.K, I sort of get the ant-glare thing, but why would you want to tint your back widows?

Car Windows

“I do a lot of stuff for celebrities and VIPs”, he says, “I also have a fair number of VIP “taxi” companies, so whenever they add a new car to their fleet, they get the rear wiondows tinted”.

Why don’t they just buy the car with tinted glass already installed?

“To be honest, it’s a darned sight cheaper to have us add tinted glass film, it’s as simple as that. So, I can understand that from the upmarket taxi firms. The celebs themselves just don’t tend think about it until after they’ve bought their car. Once they realise the privacy and/or security implications, then they come to us. And, based in London Colney we have plenty of celebs living in the area. We have two Premier League training grounds within a mile or two, so we do a lot of business for the footballers”.

Interesting, are they as up their own you know whats as the press make out?

“Most of them are just regular Guys, but they do have nice cars, and they do give large tips”, he laughs.

Indeed, we digress!

What about other reasons for having tinted film added to glass.

Regulation 14

“Many and varied”, he says, “As an example, a few years ago Regulation 14, which deals with safety glass in the workplace was upgraded. That meant the standards of toughness of safety glass were enhanced and it left many workplaces with glass that didn’t meeet the saftey standards. as you know, fall foul of the authoritites and big fnes can follow”.

Indeed, they can.

“So, we picked up an awful lot of work adding our Regulation 14 authorised safety film to existing industrial glass”.

Glass Film In the Workplace

There are also other reasons for the use of tints in the workplace?

“Yes, many, in fact, but I’ll highlight two. Firstly, we often put relfective or solar film on to office widows. This helps keep offices cool in the summer and wanrmer in the winter. Obviously this saves on either air conditioning or heating costs dcepending on the season”.

Yes, that makes sense.

“We also provide opaque film for office provacy, so for meeting rooms, or interview rooms and such like. Again, this is so much cheaper than buying pre smoked or opaque glass. Once customes realise what we can do in this direction, it makes the sale almost a no brianer”, he smiles…

“Buy ordinary glass and let us make it whatever you want it to be at a fraction of the price”.

That definitely makes sense in these days of ever increasing cost cutting and so called “efficiencies”, this is olne area where you can save with ease.

If you want to contact Martin to employ his glass tinting servcic es for either home window tinting or car window tinting, then click the links in this last paragraph to visit his website, or, go to his Tintmater homepage here.

Growth Of Digital Jobs ?>

Growth Of Digital Jobs

There is no doubt, as we move into the second half of 2016 that the digital jobs market is massively on the increase. eCommerce and online transactions are now a major driving force in the British economy. Indeed, with the vote to leave the EU fresh in the mind, GB Plc must do everything it can to foster busienss growth in the United Kingdom.

The Brexit Effect

Brexit is the will of the British people and must now be acted upon by the politicians. However, it is the economies “job” to ensure that nothing untoward befalss Britain. One of the ways to do that is to continue to drive growth through economic activity and digital skills is surely one to do that. To enhance our digital skills base to ensure eCommerce continues to be such a massive driving force.

Indeed, in talking to Doug Bates at Intelligent People a digital recruitment agency based out of St Albans in the commuter belt around London, he very much agrees.

“Absolutely, these skills will be key for the economy”, he says, “however, post Brexit is a long way off, we have this period of uncertainty that we have to “manage” in the meantime. I believe that all of the digital marketing skills will be one of the driving forces that helps us through this sticky patch”.

Interesting, what skills in particular do you think will serve to keep driving the economy forward?

prod-manage-andecommerceLet’s Talk Skills

“To be honest, there is a whole gamut of skill sets that we recruit for every day. The one thing I want to say right up front is, that we still see a busy, busy market. There has been no decline in demaned for any online marketing skills so far. I think project fear was a little too successful and I hate to see so many people talking the country down. We need to come together and grasp the opportunity that Bresit offers. I happen to think that the British spirit, capacity for hard work and entrepreneurial spark will win through and in the long-term we will be better off”.

O.K, political speech over, what skills Doug?

Seriously, Let’s Talk Skills

“Sorry”, he smiles, “I don’t specifically want to talk about any one skillset. is eCommerce more important than Product Management, or SEO? Impossible to say, but what is fior sure is that the entire digital marketing skills range slots together to produce a vibrant “e” economy in Britain. Billions are now traded online every year and the amount is growing. This government report puts the trade at £193 million in 2013 with expnoential growth epxected. Work it out for yourself”.

That is an awfully large amount of trading!

“Indeed it is, and our job is to oil the wheels of that market by bringing skills to the job demand”.

How do you do that?

Early Adopters of Digital Recruitment

“Well, it’s a long story I guess. When Chris (Mason) and I started Intelligent People we hti the IT market, it’s what we knew. But it was clear seismic changes in that market were making it far more doug_batesdifficult to deal in and build a profitable business. So we researched and looked at what people like Jeff Bezos were saying about the future of eCommerce. Bezos had nailed his colours firmly to the eCommerce mast and was losing millions every week in order to prove the point. We just thought that if he was prepared to stick his neck out like that the future was strong. Look at Amazon now!”.

“So, we decided to research the digital marketing apce and see if there was enough there to build a business. What we found was a fledgling market twelve years ago. Indeed, everyone was sort of making it up as they went along to be fair. There was a lot of “bleeding edge” technology and processes around and people trying new things to make online commerce work. There was a lot of trial and error and a lot of companies striving very hard to make the whole thing easier and more secure to implement. Let;s face it twelve years ago, would you put your credit card on an online purchase?”.

Probably not.

“But now, it’s common place and something like 93% of the population buy at least one item online every month, even my Mum does these days!”, he smiles again

O.K, so let’s come at this from a different angle, what skills areas are you working the most in at the moment.

eCommerce and Product Management

“I woud have to say we have an awful lot of ecommerce jobs on the books at the moment. We also have an awful lot of product manager jobs as well. I think that’s because there is a lot of new product dfevelopment going on, so the management of those new products and getting them to market is vital. And, of course, once they are ready for market, the eCommerce systems and integrations to sell the then become the key component. I think that’s why we are so busy in those key areas. Does that answer the question”?

Yes, thank you Doug.

Finally, what do you think makes you different?

“Sales pitch time”, he laughs, “we genuinely emplopy people who have marketing experience so they can tlak to clients and candidates alike on theior “home ground”, the trulty understand thne nature of the vacancy and the skills required. We also have an in depth training and on-boarding priogram thatn properly prepares our new recruits for the riguers of the market, so they can maximise time and effort on behalf of our candidates and clients. It;s a potenet and successful mix”.

Intelligent People are a Digital Recruitment Agency visit by clicking the link.