Turning the Heat Up ?>

Turning the Heat Up

It’s an undeniable fact that happy customers can help a business thrive and succeed. There’s one newcomer in the boiler installation, supply and maintenance market that has a long list of very satisfied customers who rate the company five out of five stars on customer review site http://www.reviews.co.uk. I’m talking about Gloucestershire-based Hassle Free Boilers, who are making the prospect of buying and installing a new boiler and heating and hot water system much more affordable and accessible to more people than ever before.


Offering an innovative ‘pay-monthly’ scheme, Hassle Free Boilers enables you to get a brand new top-of-the-range boiler installed in your home, and maintained and serviced every year, for just one relatively small monthly payment. No large upfront sum of the boiler cost is needed – which is a great relief to those of us who haven’t got a spare £1500-£2000 (the average cost of a new boiler) knocking around to pay for the privilege of enjoying the benefits of a new boiler. No installation costs are needed either – all costs including labour are covered by the monthly payment, which also includes servicing and repair costs.


Hassle Free Boilers’ flexible approach to payment has revolutionised the heating and hot water market, where traditionally boiler suppliers and installers asked customers to fork out for the cost of the boiler, installation and labour costs. This conventional approach limited the market for new boilers to only those with savings. Which is a shame, because a brand new boiler has significant advantages to both the environment and a consumer’s monthly energy bill!

Hassle Free Boilers, who estimate that you can achieve savings of up to £47.50 a month (or £570 a year) with a new boiler in your house, are in effect offering a free boiler that you pay them back for over a period of up to 12 years. As a result many more UK households who have bought through Hassle Free Boilers and are using less fuel to power their boilers and hot water and heating systems, helping to lower their carbon footprint and – of course – lowering their energy bills.

Energy Efficient

Lee Brooker, marketing manager at Hassle Free Boilers, tells me, “It’s true about the energy savings estimates, based on figures from the Energy Savings Trust. If you have a boiler that is more than 10 years old, it needs more fuel to heat your home properly, as its technology, parts and powering methods are outdated. A boiler this old could be 55% less efficient than a brand new boiler, and with our payment options, you don’t have to wait until the old model breaks down before investing in a new one.”

Hassle Free Boilers point out that they only supply well-known and reputable brands, such as a Worcester-Bosch, Ideal or Vaillant boiler. “So you really do get the best with Hassle Free Boilers!” Lee quips. “We also give impartial advice on the best type of boiler for your home. It’s not just bigger is better! A smaller home with only one bathroom and not a lot of spare space, like a loft or airing cupboard, is usually suitable for a combi boiler, otherwise known as a combination boiler. But if you already have a larger house, with a cold water tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder in a cupboard, and more than one bathroom, the more traditional heat-only or open-vent boiler could be the solution for you.”


It’s such a great way of doing business – allowing you to pay for a boiler in the same way as a mortgage helps you to buy a home – that I ask Lee where the idea of regular payments came from when Hassle Free Boilers was launched. “We are part of the sustainable energy solutions Ecovision Group, who were looking for a more affordable approach to supplying eco-friendly heating solutions to more households,” Lee answers.

Looks like Hassle Free Boilers has achieved their goal of bringing more energy-efficient heating systems to more customers, who seem very happy with their investment. For more information go to http://hasslefreeboilers.com/


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Starting a Business Today

Interest-start-your-own-Internet-businessWith the right money and mindset, just about anyone can start a business today. However, it takes special talent and/or creativity to come up with a creative business venture that will appeal to your own passions, as well as your consumer. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to be a mind reader to determine what will interest your potential customers; ideas are all around you. The trouble is just getting them out of your head and onto paper. To help bring out the creativity, pull out a notepad and jot down the following:

–              What are you most passionate about? – Do you enjoy helping people get organized? Are you a graphic artist to be reckoned with? Great! Write anything that comes to mind, down.

–              Are you interested in starting a new hobby? – While more risky because of the uncertainty of knowing whether or not you’ll enjoy your new venture, it can breathe some fresh air into an otherwise dull business idea.

Who are my ideal customers? What are they looking for? – Answering these two questions will help you set your scopes on the right customer.

–              Am I interested in pursuing this full time or part time? – It might seem like a pointless question, but really, it’s important to consider.

–              What am I skilled at? – Can’t think of anything? Here’s a way to jumpstart your brain: When your family/friends/parents call you to come help them, what do they ask for your help with? Are you constantly being asked to help fix their electronics when they malfunction? Jot the idea down on the notepad.

business-ogSo now you have a list of potential ideas and ventures, but what do you do with it? Use your list to help do research. If you wrote down that you’re good with taking pictures, and you enjoy photography, consider opening a photography business. Want to take it a step further? Specialize. You can do this with just about any business!

The most important thing to do right now is take some time with this step, and really let all of the information absorb. Don’t rush into anything immediately. Some of the greatest ideas seem to come to us at the most inconvenient times; we recommend carrying a small notepad and pen with you everywhere for at least a week to jot down random notes.

After a week (maybe sooner), you might have your own creative business idea, but you’re not out of the woods yet. It’s time to sit down and determine answers to the following:

– How much do I need to invest into my business? If I don’t have the money available, how will I get the funds to get started?

– What will be my advertising strategy?

-Is there a market for my services/products? If so, how can I get my business name and product in front of them?

-What sort of licensing do I need for my state/city? Some states and cities maintain strict regulations and require licenses; be sure to check with your state before you do anything else.

blue-business-png-Will I be running the business out of my home or will I require a separate building? You may have to check your state’s regulations on this as well.

-What supplies or equipment do I need to get started?

-Should I hire the professional guidance of an accountant? There are pros and cons for either or, check into these before you make any decisions.

These are just some of the things to consider before opening the doors to your new customers. Creating and managing a new business is a lot of work, if you need help at all during any step of the process, we would be pleased to help you.